I stayed up most of the night writing the content of this e-mail in my head, not because of any responses (because I don't get any) I had the feeling that my calling of this place Hell had ruffled some feathers.  I was going to start out saying it was a mistake in the subject, and then put a "just f-ing kidding" real big at the top.  This is what I'm doing instead.  J.F.K. used the word "repugnant" in one of his last speeches, there's very little i find that, except Hell certainly is repugnant to anything I've ever known.  The idea of intentionally torturing is inhuman and would never be tolerated, so it's a little bit of a problem for me that the idea is even in any religious book.  Of course, it makes a little bit of sense if we are... actually here... well, it makes me feel better that there's nothing worse than this.  Now, what I'm trying to do is show you what makes this place Hell to me, and there are a few good reasons, not the least of which appears to be either an inability to communicate with me at all, or a complete lack of belief in my existence--it's hard to turn on the lights when your hand is invisible.  I wrote a brief Facebook posting (it looks nobody looks there either, I don't think I should have to e-mail this stuff, do you?) about the last two e-mails you've gotten, and how they are actually in the New Testament, I talk about that a lot, how those ancient stories are actually time-shifted records of what is going on right now.  You might imagine how having such a record of the future implies a lack of freedom and free-will, (clearly discussed in C adam's light-vin-ism) and might be the beginning of why I feel ... burnt.

These things just happen to me, they really aren't planned, and frankly... when I wrote about them in my book... I just imagined that the "prophesy" in the NT had been completed. Closer to the truth, it appears I'm literally fulfilling much of it right now; with these e-mails. 

Jesus feeds 5,000: Matthew 14:13

Just about 1 week ago, I sent out an e-mail which detailed the "story of the Trial of Christ" and within it gave a "macaronic" explanation of several Holy Names, El, Ha, Elisha, and Thor... and the. In it, I mentioned that this bit about Elisha has been mentioned without the details (the actual proof that it's prescient foreknowledge of English and Spanish in the OT) as the "thing" that Jesus fed the 5,000 with; one of the fish. Location: https://www.facebook.com/admdbrn/media_set?set=a.10154283230918420.772308419&type=3

Jesus also used this illustration: “The Kingdom of Heaven is like the yeast a woman used in making bread." Matthew 13:33

Today, I sent out another e-mail, and in it, I described what "from the East" means in "masonic" lore, and how it's derived. I didn't connect it to what I'd already written, but as I thought back wondering how I hadn't put that particular piece of knowledge on paper before... I realized I had. It's in "The Letter Why," and it's Yeast. Why "east" is related to Yeast, to Easter Eggs, and to Matzoh... it's all about the Universe "expanding" with time and love. Anyway, bread for the wise, this stuff is ... legendary. Location:http://m.lamc.la/archive.aweber.com/awlist4296878/M7wDq/h/Ready_or_not_here_I_come_.htm

For a much more in depth talk about the Afikomen, and how it's actually "the Universe" check this (really) old blog entry: https://joyinar.quora.com/I-Found-the-Afikomen-Its-Easter-Egg-Island-in-Eden

So these are small things, compared to seeing the Burning Bush, proving the existence of God, time travel, and reading Creation's message in every name and word... but, they're things.

From a Garden in Eden, to flowing Milk and Honies in my Promised Land.

Seriously, have a Golden Cow, I dare you.


I have quite a bit to say today, and I'm going to try to do it briefly, first I urge you once again to actually report on this story; the faster you do that.... the faster this begins being an actual discussion--instead of Adam dreaming he can save the world by himself. I've commented before about how I see a command to end world hunger as soon as we notice that we are in a virtual world; and that there's some chastisement in the miracle of turning stone to bread and the Last Supper about Jesus not asking the world what they wanted for dinner. I see some map-writing here, with Eggs Benedict, English Muffins, Canadian Bacon, Belgian Waffles, and French Toast (you'll note, all about breakfast) and this just be the day I die, because I'm going to mention American Pie. Here's the long and short of it, I mentioned a renewed focus on people in the last e-mail, and I want to qualify that I think we are all good loving people. I think nearly everyone gives spare change every once in awhile, and more to the point I am pretty sure that if any one of you ever got a magical stick that let you wave your hand and stop children from starving everywhere... well, there'd be lots of stones missing. That's not really the point, I don't have that wand... instead I have these words.


It's not just people, I see great social programs for feeding and clothing the poor, both private and public ... you know from companies like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, and I'm sure that we think we're doing everything we can. Now, I'm going to give you a few examples of where I think we are doing exactly the opposite--as a matter of public policy, and I'm focusing on our allowance of money to make our decisions for us--capitalism, which only works if we tell our money what we want.... instead of demanding the most efficient solution.


Here in America, we seem to overlook the fact that the idea of corporate campaign contributions financially incentives our "elected representatives" to cater to the wishes of non-people, literally to corporations. Our system is set up in a way that pays them not to listen to you, which is... well it's completely antithetical to democracy. This is the kind of thing that should have been fixed long ago, not steadily getting worse (although I did notice some legislation about it on countable.us). In a similar vein, privatizing prisons and paying them based on a "per bed" fee (which we do) actually incentivizes jails and prisons to grow their populations, make conditions worse, and literally crush our entire society... in the long run. I'm going to talk a little bit more about our corrections system, because I see it as a really big problem, one that focuses on retribution over rehabilitation and has progressively gotten much worse over the last few years.


Don't get me wrong, I want to feed hungry people all over the world--we are human, and nobody deserves to be hungry--anywhere. In the jail and prison systems, worse outside of America but still torture here, people are routinely starved, given diets that are of significantly less caloric size than our hospitals give to bedridden patients, and certainly much less than you eat. Now we're talking about intentional torture, rather than feeding the poor, I have to stand in front of you and tell you right in your city people are being starved on purpose--for money. You might think they don't deserve to be full, if so I've got news for you--you're wrong. Making people angry and hate the system is much worse than actually educating them, giving them skills, and building a better, stronger, healthier society--I assure you. We are not animals, so in South Florida--where I grew up, we have a company called "Trinity Services" (oops!) that basically siphons public money out of the corrections and jails system through forcing inmates to buy junk in order to not go hungry. This is "how things are" pretty much all over the country. It's so unacceptable that... who would do such a thing?


I hope you understand, this is the "way" to Heaven.


The Plague of Killing Children


In my repertoire of modern things that happen to be discussed in the book of Exodus, we have the Plague of Killing the First Born--which is... equated to the random acts of terror that have plagued schools, bases,theaters, and now a club.   I have a strong suspicion that these shootings are part of a fight over whether or not to disclose the existence of mind control technology something that I have experienced first hand, and am a victim of.  You have too, you just don't know it.  For several years I was plunged into a new world of confusion in what I now know very clearly is the actual Tribulation.  There's a large group of people who are very outspoken about being victims of this technology, which they usually relate to global governments, religion, and technology. If you're interested in the "Tribulation" it's colloquially called "gang stalking."  It's a horrible thing happening to them, and to the victims who have been killed and injured because of this same technology... on a broader scale, I have to tell you there are worse things happening.


I firmly believe that the vast majority of schizophrenia is the result of this same technology--you might think of it like a "modern version" of a ritual sacrifice which is being done to alter the future, by destroying a life.  Disclosure of the existence and the use of this technology broadly across the globe must be done, there is no middle ground, it's happening... I'm doing it.  At the very least, the great strides we are about to make in neuroscience and brain-computer-interface could very easily be used to mitigate any sort of natural defect... much better than modern drugs.  Point in fact, this technology is the kind of thing that might save the entire world, but ... only if we know about it--and it's used properly.  




So, I should explain what my ((ish)) is, I thought it was self explanatory, but people have asked.  In addition to being an "am" (of mine) that God has "put on the map" along America and Oz... It's a "sounds like," like some lyrics and words sound different to me, intentionally.  It's a form of communication, I think, I hear things like "the lunatic is on the cross" instead "grass" in (I think that's) Pink Floyd.. and I was shown this warm one, where sticking a "t" before Heaven might sound like "the oven."  We ha'ert each other, he says.  This theme of baking up a civilization might have started way earlier though, you might see in the name of the god Pan (which might be Prometheus and "n") and in a dreidel being made of of clay.  The best example I've got though is Star Wars completion of this tetrad, from Eden, Egypt, Edom to.. Ewok... all either "Earth" or "Electronic," but what's the difference?  To be clear, because I like being that, I'm all for fire when it's in the Promethean context of language or technology, or in the very modern concept of the truth spreading like a wild fire... certainly I don't like the idea of Hell, and that's really why I'm showing you that Hell ends with fire.  Let there be light.


What do I have to tell you to make you understand, this is it.  


Now, for some more "n" jammin'  


His heart was full of love love love

Love love love

Love love is all around
When Jesus Christ was nailed to the his tree
Said "oh, Daddy-o I can see how it all soon will be
I came to shed a little light on this darkening scene

The people he knew were
Less than golden hearted
Gamblers and robbers
Drinkers and jokers, all soul searchers
Like you and me 

Rumors insisted he soon would be
For his deviations
Taken into custody by the authorities
Less informed than he.
((Lesson for them, not he.))

-Dave J. Matthews, Christmas Song


So this is what you meant
When you said that you were spent
And now it's time to build from the bottom of the pit, right to the top
Don't hold back
Packing my bags and giving the Academy a rain check

I don't ever want to let you down
I don't ever want to leave this town
Cause after all
This city never sleeps at night

It's time to begin, isn't it?
I get a little bit bigger but then I'll admit
I'm just the same as I was
Now don't you understand
I'm ((never changing who I am))

So this is where you fell
And I am left to sell
The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell right to the top
Don't look back

-Dan Reynolds, Imagine Dragons

Dark clouds may hang on me sometimes... but I'll work it out. -DMB & AMD


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